Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Safe Cycling

Safe cycling 

On Thursday me Paige, Dannii and Sienna were learning about safe cycling and had to make a round about. We learnt the rules on how to go through  a round about. 

1. Is that you always have to give way to the person on the right.
2. You have to indicate so the other person know which way you are going to turn.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Volcano Reflection

This is my volcano. It is a composite volcano. The materials I had to use were stones, that I  painted white so it looked like pumice. I also got different types of leaves so it made it   stand out.

What I enjoyed most would have to be making it because, we had to look for leaves and stone all over the school.

The most challenging part for me would have to be when  I was paper macheing it. It was hard to get the same shape as well as the other half of a volcano.     

What are the layers of  the earth?
There are 4 layers called Inner core, outer core,mantle and the crust. Long ago there was a volcanic eruption named Mt Tarawera that had been pushed through the thin layer of the earth called the crust by red hot liquid called magma.  The core Is solid and the mantle is runny.                  

What is a volcano
A volcano is a mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock below the surface of the earth. When pressure builds up, eruptions happen. Another way that volcanoes to be formed is when the tectonic plates push together and form a mountain. Volcano eruptions have been known to knock down entire forests.
In some place in the world rocky crust is much thinner. Red-hot liquid rock lies just below this thin crust. Sometimes this liquid rock builds up so much pressure that it pushes through the crust to form a volcano. The runny rock called lava may ooze out slowly or burst out as an eruption.
This picture show on different type of way that the tectonic plate can form a volcano.
Volcanic rocks



Basalt is a Pouri (dark) fine-grained volcanic rock. Basalt rocks are the most common dark-colored. They contain  minerals which are iron. The shield volcanoes of Hawaii, cinder cones in the Pacific Northwest and the floors of the world's Moana (oceans) are made of basalt.Basalt is a dark Taimaha (heavy) lava that is very hot. It  erupts on the continents it can flow many kilometers before it cools in thin layers.
It Like a pillow case Basalt covers all the ocean floors before turning   hard.

Obsidian is a natural glass that is made when the volcano's lava hardens with minimal cystillastion.  Obsidian flows are so slow that often other obsidian flows will occur on top of each other causing a streaked appearance in the obsidian rock.
Andesite Tae (lava) forms in in the ring of fire  where an oceanic plate is beneath a continental plate. The lava erupts on the continental side of the subduction Rohe (zone) forming a Nui (large) composite volcano.
Andesite is a type of igneous rock that is found in most volcanic regions of the world, especially around volcanoes that line the Pacific Basin. The study of andesite has helped scientists understand the geological processes by which this igneous rock can be formed.

What impact do volcanoes have on where we live

Gas,ash and smoke

Volcanos effect in different way some are good and some are bad. Some of the negative are that it trigger tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes, mudflows and rockfalls. Lava will kill or burn anything that get in it way like human, house and animals. Damage land and pollute river and beaches. The thing that is also really dangers is that the ash, gases and smoke get into the air so it get harder to breath and, it really affect people that have asthma.  Volcanic eruptions can be extremely damaging to the environment, particularly because of a number of toxic gases possibly present in pyroclastic material. It typically consists mainly of water vapour, but it also contains carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide gas.

The effect that are good to the environment is that it helps farming because it keeps the ground warm and the animals.

Volcanic rock are also very helpful with everyday objects, they can also be sold for millions of dollar depending on the size and rock. Some of the minerals elmina, copper, diamonds ,gold,lead ,zinc and nickel.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Calendar Art

Calendar Art

Kia ora 
The is a report about my calendar art.

My calendar art is about my culture Moari. Some of  things involved in my art is  Kapa Haka and  Green stones. Why I did it was because Enjoy my culture and performing Kapa Haka.

How I made it 
The progress i went though to make my art was
1.Planned my background and know what it was going to look like.
2. Research on my silhouettes 
3. Did my good copy
4. Cut out the silhouette and traced them on black paper. 
5. Glued it to black paper. 

 Learning Muscles
I Persevere
Managing Distractions

Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank you letter

Room 6

Parkvale School

Howard Street

Hastings 4122
Dear Jay-Bea

IMG_20170516_144112.jpgI am writing this letter to say thank  you for coming to camp. You had lots of energy. Your driving was really fun when we were going to camp. I still don't believe that you have your full licence, by the way you were driving and how we were going to die.
One of my fav highlights was when you told me to jump in the lake after the kayaks. Once I did it you said it was a dumb idea. So I got a cold.

The thing that I hated was when we were doing the Confidence course. And Mrs Lowe said to hold the person's shoulder in front,  instead of holding my shoulders you were pinching me.

One thing that was really cool was when we were doing the amazing race. You told us we had to spell Waikaremoana, and you said it was wrong. But really it was right.

An Interesting fact is that camp open in 1960 and my uncle went their when he was in intermediate

Your’s sincerely

P.S Control down bottom when you are in the dining room.

Room 6

IMG_20170516_144112.jpgParkvale School      

Howard Street

Hastings 4122

Dear Jeffe Weffe

Thank you for coming to camp with us. You were lots of fun, and always had a smile on your face.

One of my highlights was when you picked me to do the night trail. It was really dark. Then we got lost in the bushes, so Mr Ford had to help us.

The thing that was really funny to me was the  big walk as you  were using text language. You were say thing like soz and btw. It was really weird hearing it from you. When I first met you, you looked like a serious guy. So when I heard you using text langes it was really funny.

My last highlight was when I made the joke your name jeff. Then how you made a nickname for me. It sounded like a star wars name. So I keep saying your name as Jeffe. It was really funny.

An interesting fact is the camp opened in 1960 and my uncle went there when he was in intermediate.  

Your’s sincerely



Monday, March 20, 2017

My Special Place

My special place

Going Home 

My special place is  the most safe feeling ever. We go there twice a year. We either have a hangi  or cook a roast which is really yummy. My Meare  isn't the flashes marae but, it is my favorite place in whole wide world.  It has a huge kitchen and Hall. It was as big as a my whole house.  There's this one BIG room called wharenui where you sleep in. One of the things i like about my marae is that it only has one tv in the sleeping area. At night we get together and watch a movie. We have popcorn and Ice cream sundae with homemade brownies. On our sundaes we have chocolate sauce and sprinkles.  The popcorn was popping like the game bang bang. It is very yum. After we watch the movie we get a little tired and we all have a big sleep and get ready for the next big day to hit us.

When I woke up. When I looked outside at the  clouds they look  as  fluffy as  marshmallows. After a few minutes there was a big storm and my family and I were all scared. But we played same really fun games, so we just ignored it. The games we played were.(Hide n seek and  marco polo). My most favorite memory there would have to be when we went outside in the storm with are umbrellas and,  socks sliding on the concrete.  It was as slippery as an ice skating park.  

My family means the world to me. I love family as much as I love kapa haka and,  I love kapa haka evan my friends know I looove kapa haka. They are the most caring a thoughtful people in the how enter world. My favorite memories with my family would be when we were playing cricket the next day. I have 6 Uncles and 5 Auntys. As well as all my cousins nieces and nephew. They are as sweet as sweetest loilo on earth.     

When we go home we always stop at the park and have some fish ’n chips for lunch. I enjoyed going to the park with my family Because, we always play basketball and cricket. Our family is very competent and very rough. But we all look after each other. My family means the world to me and I have a wonderful time with them.